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The Zora River is a longest river in Hyrule, flowing through the Dominion Valley, Hyrule Field, the Gerudo Desert, and the Plains of Ordona. It serves as a 4 - player skirmish map in Hyrule Conquest.



The Zora River has its source in the Jabun Reservoir, flowing southwest through the Dominion Valley into Hyrule Field, before curving west through the eastern edge of the Gerudo Desert, flowing into Lake Aquame. From there it flows south through the desert and curves west, back into Hyrule Field, into Lake Kolomo, before emptying into Lake Hylia. This stretch serves as the geographic divide between Hyrule Field and the Plains of Ordona. Settlements along its course include: the Zora Dominion capital of Domain Prime; the Hylian capital of Gundrumether; Aquame, Ayloch, Yarna, and Kolomo. The Bridge of Hylia spans the mouth of the river as it flows into Lake Hylia.