The Zora Dominion is a playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The origins of the High Zoran stretches back over 5000 years, to the first Ocean Zora to settle on Hyrule. These Zora had been augmented from Zola by their Parella overlords with Hylian genetics to be better adapted to land, and fleeing their masters and brethren, first settled on the eastern Lanayru Coast circa 5500 BG, and had migrated into Spool Swamp by 5000 BG. Between 3700 and 3600 BG, the Spool Swamp Zora migrated into the Dominion Valley, founding the City of Domain Prime in the 3400's BG. By 3450 BG, the city was appearing in written documentation and the Zora Dominion was formally regarded as a world power.

The Zora remained cordial but distant to their neighbors, refusing to join Rhoaban Gustaf I's Akkalan Confederacy with the Wind Tribe, Huskus, and Picori and remaining neutral in the Darknut crusade against the Wind Tribe in 2994 BG. When Gorons appeared in the nearby Death Mountain Range circa 2701 BG, the Dominion held cordial relations with them for several centuries, but, desiring the Range's mineral wealth, invaded in 2372 BG, suffering a humiliating defeat to the Gorons.

The Domain remained relatively uninvolved in the Rise of Ganon until 1 AG, when the town of Hylia Marine, a shared settlement of both Hylians and Zora, was attacked by the Sheikah Yiga Clan in search of the Triforce. A small detachment of Zora troops led by General Rutela was dispatched, joining their Hylian allies in defeating the three-way conflict between the Yiga and renegade Gerudo and Fairy armies seeking the Triforce.
Zora River

A Dominion city on the Zora River map.


  • The Zora Dominion's faction symbol is that of the Zora Sapphire, the Spiritual Stone of Water in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
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