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The Yiga, commonly known as the Dark Interlopers, are a powerful Sheikah Clan that betrayed the Cadre during the Rise of Ganon. They are a playable faction in the Termina expansion of Hyrule Conquest.


Prior to the Rise of Ganon, the Yiga were one of the most powerful Clans composing the Sheikah Cadre, known for traits not commonly seen amongst the heavily-inbred Sheikah such as blond or black hair. After a rogue Sheikah Wizard sided with the Moblin King Ganon, most of her Yiga kin joined her as the Dark Interlopers, waging war on their Sheikah brethren and the Kingdom of Hyrule in a bid to steal the Triforce for themselves.

After their defeat at Hylia Marine, the surviving Yiga were either executed or given to the Gerudo and cast into the Mirror of Twilight. The survivors among these outcasts would hold onto their Sheikah legacy as the Bonemold Monks. A number of Yiga or Yiga descendants did not betray the Cadre or escaped justice, hiding their heritage out of fear of reprisal. Among the Sheikah the Yiga would gain a reputation as traitors.

Known Yiga and Descendants



  • The Yiga symbol is based on the Yiga emblem from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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