The Wind Tribe is an extinct humanoid race who founded the Kingdom of Holodrum. They ruled much of northeastern Hyrule, and the city of Tarm was one of their great settlements. Holodrum entered a political union with the ancient kingdom of Akkala after the marriage of King Gustaf of House Gustaf and Queen Siroc of the Wind Tribe. They are also found to have been firm allies to the Minish, who built automatons for their use, among other things.


The Wind Tribe was a humanoid race with pale skin and blank, luminescent white eyes, commonly born with red hair.


Ancient Age

In 2998 BG, the Druthulidi Vaati, after waking from its slumber, took over the body of a Minish sorcerer and successfully convinced Zalunbar, the God King of the Darknut Legion, to make an alliance against the Wind Tribe with the intent of taking the Triforce for themselves. The Darknuts, with their superior discipline and equipment, launched a crusade against the Wind Tribe's homeland Holodrum and nearly destroyed their people. On the brink of extinction, the Wind Tribe pleaded with Demoko, the First Sage of Time, to help them ascend to the Heavens in exchange for becoming his servants. Demoko agreed and their Queen Siroc petitioned her co-ruler Gustaf of Akkala for aid. King Gustaf accepted, and the Darknuts, unable to get through the Akkalans, had to watch the Wind Tribe depart Hyrule with the power they so dearly sought. With the Wind Tribe's departure, the Triforce was entrusted to the fledgling Kingdom of Akkala.

The Wind Tribe, in exchange for their salvation, pledged service to Demoko, and were subsequently transformed into Oocca. Their only known descendants remaining on Hyrule are the heirs of Gustaf such as Link and the remnants of his noble house in Calatia, who were preserved with the help of the Wind Tribe's Minish allies.

Little remains of the Wind Tribe civilization, mainly the Tarm Ruins and scattered relics and automatons they left behind. The name Holodrum remains used for the lands of their lost kingdom.

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