Wildlife are the native flora and fauna of Hyrule, Termina and the Realm of Twilight that are placed around the map and do not belong to any player faction.


From roaming animals to monstrous beasts, Wildlife represents all manner of individuals that are either not intelligent enough to form or take part in an organized empire or simply will not cooperate with any society. Wildlife can appear anywhere, though they tend to live far away from long-standing cities and out in the wilderness. Wildlife might simply roam the countryside and avoid contact. Some predators might gang up on small armies if their numbers are great, such as Peahats. Massive infestations of wild creatures can even spring up in a city if the health of the settlement is unsanitary, such as an outbreak of Keese. It is possible to sometimes domesticate wild creatures as the Kokiri can with Wolfos, though for the most part they are vicious and cannot be reasoned with.



Hyrule Field

Gerudo Desert

Death Mountain

Zora River

Kokiri Forest

Faron Woods

Misery Mire

Lanayru Province





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