Vitreous is an ancient creature that dwells deep in the Misery Mire.

Physical Characteristics

Vitreous appears as a gigantic green eyeball, from which ten smaller eyeballs are attached. It is constantly leaking foul, acidic slime and hums with an electric current.

Powers and Abilities

Vitreous is able to electrocute its prey with jolts of lightning, and then dissolve the fallen corpses with the acidic ooze that always leaks from its unblinking eyes.



Following the First Sages' deal with Majora, the Druthulidi Iemanis was destroyed, with its seven eyes falling to Hyrule to become its offspring. Vitreous was one such creature, coming to settle in the Misery Mire where it lurked for millions of years.

Ancient Age

By the time the Fallen Sage Sulkaris came upon the Matriarch and turned her Gohma into her servants, Vitreous had constructed its own Hive at the center of the Mire.

The Return of Sulkaris

In 129 AG, Sulkaris integrates Vitreous into her armies, establishing its hive as their capital in the Mire, Grand Hive Iemanis. She uses it, in conjunction with countless Gohma corpses and the six Sage Medallions which she recovered from her siblings to recreate Iemanis.

Eyes of Vitreous

Eyes of Vitreous, as the Gohma's wonder.

The Eyes of Vitreous is also being the wonder building of the Gohma, capable to fire projectiles from itself to attack enemy, but can't let units garrison in. It allows to train Iemanis as the Gohma's titan unit too.

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