Harkinian Manor is the former seat of House Harkinian, now used as a hideout by the Keaton Cartel, in Vigjaro Glade, approximately 15 miles east of Vigjaro.


Harkinian Manor traces its origins to the Tribes of Akkala as they emigrated from Arcadia. Like other Akkalan settlements, it began as a sheltered community, a central noble manor or castle home to one of the larger Houses, surrounded by rural villages governed by their bannermen. Harkinian Manor was the ancestral estate and the seat of power of House Harkinian. Between 3400 and 3300 BG, House Harkinian became famous for its wine production, and supplanted House Vryciaro's control of Vigjaro Glade, taking the city of Vigjaro as its new seat and the other House as its bannermen. Harkinian Manor would remain an important holding of House Harkinian, but faded in importance as Akkala was unified under a single monarchy and the Great Houses intermarried into the Royal Family. Nestled amid the rugged western foothills of Death Mountain, the estate consists of a wooden manor surrounded by large lawn hedged by a double brick wall. On the north end of the estate runs a creek ending in a small ornamental lake. Numerous generations of Harkinian ancestors were buried beneath the grounds.

Since its abandonment, the Manor has been taken over as the unofficial headquarters of thee Keaton Cartel due to its remote location. Protected by a guard of Keaton Marksmen and restocked with comfortable furnishings including an upstairs wine repository, it is used as a meeting site for illicit dealings between the Cartel and its clients.

In 126 AG, after the fall of Malkariko, Lord Akazoo Vapith and Azrily traveled north to Harkinina Manor, slipping through in the chaos wrought by the Gohma attack. Akazoo had arranged for the Cartel to steal the mystical Goronu, an artifact that could raise the dead, in exchange for a king's ransom. However, the two were forced to wait for several weeks to meet the head of the Cartel, Baron Halthor, due to difficulty stealing the artifact from the Gerudo and other affairs. When Halthor finally arrived, Akazoo offered an unorthodox payment, the captured Princess Tetralyna Zelda V, whom Halthor would random back to her father King Daphnes Nohansen Kazakk for a fortune. However, neither party was aware that their meeting had been betrayed by Agitha, and the illicit deal was interrupted by a Hylian army from Vigjaro led by Kazakk. After his attempts to win Kazakk to his side failed, Akazoo used the Goronu to raise the dead Hylians interred beneath the manor grounds, but the Hylian army managed to overpower both the Keaton defenders and raised Stalfos, killing Akazoo and arresting Halthor and her crew. Azrily managed to escape and retrieve Akazoo's severed head.

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