So as we have been discussing in the Discord server, UndyingNephalim has been considering to abandon the Medieval II engine for 0 AD, and the more time passes the more likely the game will be ported (as of the moment of writing it's pretty inevitable).

The 0 AD engine doesn't fight with you every other day (unlike the M2TW one), and it is possible to implement a lot of crazy ideas that you will never see in M2, including but not limited to:

  • No more faction cap, all expansions can be consolidated to one, so we can have matches like Gohma vs Empire of Bellum vs Clock Town vs Oorgath, among others. The Oocca will also become playable.
  • No more unit cap. Each faction is likely to receive at least a few new units. Most of the planned wild animals will also (finally) get implemented; they can be hunted for food or captured by the appropriate factions (for example, Ordona can capture goats to receive a discount to goat cavalry; the Deku Scrubs will probably have a plant tamer;...).
  • Amphibious and flying units. The Zora and other aquatic factions can now make full use of water.
  • Naval battles will now be actually playable instead of having to be auto-resolved.
  • Mages can now cast spells that are much more varied than just being super-powerful ranged attacks like currently.
  • Different resources for each faction. Hylians would have food, wood, metal and rupees; Gorons wouldn't need food; Stalfos replace food with bones; Gohma only need food and nothing else;...

The 0 AD will also allow us to work much faster on the game than the Medieval II one. We might see Gods of Hyrule in six years instead of sixty years.

However; the gameplay of 0 AD is different from Medieval II and resembles the traditional RTS games like Age of Empires or Warcraft. Because of this the Freeform Campaign will most likely fail to make it in alongside most religious mechanics. Personally I consider it a worthy trade so Neph can realise his vision much more easily and accurately.

For more information, watch this video:

What do you think?

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