Timberfell is a settlement in Ordona Province, located roughly 25 miles northwest of Nal Ordona on the edge of Faron Woods.


In 2384 BG, King Rhogim Nohansen V took the throne of the Kingdom of Hyrule, and would be known as Rhogim the Wise, ushering in an era of prosperity and reform until his death in 2287 BG. During his reign, numerous House Nohansen vassal Houses left their holdings in Hyrule Field and Lake Hylia to settle the Plains of Ordona. Left largely uninhabited by the devastation of the Moblins and the fall of Ikana, they would soon become the breadbasket of Hyrule. Like other Hylian settlements, Timberfell began as a sheltered community, a central noble manor or castle home to one of the larger Houses, surrounded by rural villages governed by their bannermen, but over time the free breeding regardless of bloodline diminished the hold of Hylian noble houses, and the Ordonian houses faded to little more than a few pointy-eared holdouts with delusions of nobility.

Timberfell is located on the edge of Faron Woods, and as such is the Province's main supplier of lumber, as well as the famous Timberfell cutter axes and construction of siege equipment such as rams. Fittingly, the settlement is home of the famed Ordonian Lumberjacks.

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