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High Empress of the Huskus Imperium






126 AG
Palagard's Sanctuary, Kokiri Forest

Empress Tamako, often known by outsiders simply as the Huskus Empress, is the last ruler of the Huskus Imperium.

Physical Characteristics

Tamako is a huge female Elder Huskus with an olive-green exoskeleton and solid-dark green eyes.


The Gerudo Wars

In 101 AG, following an attack by the Gohma and the Fallen Sage Sulkaris, Tamako is invited by Kasuto to a meeting with the other leaders of the people of the Kokiri Forest, in an attempt to create an alliance to strike against the Gohma. Tamako refuses to lend her armies to help the Kokiri, stating that she doesn't see sufficient evidence that Sulkaris is responsible.

Tamako, the Huskus Empress

Despite her initial refusal Tamako brings a large army of Huskus with her to assist the Kokiri, the Wolfos ,and the Deku Tribes. After Kasuto and Saria subjugate Sulkaris and encase her in a block of emerald, they ask the Huskus to keep watch over her. Tamako accepts, and charges the former Sage, Palagard, with this task.

The Return of Sulkaris

In 125 AG, Agitha and Mido lead a large Gohma army to Palagard's Sanctuary to liberate Sulkaris and are confronted by Tamako in the grove leading to the Huskus refuge. She dismisses Agitha's attempts to "negotiate," retorting that Gohma do not speak or negotiate, and warns the intruders to leave, to which Agitha taunts Tamako that her people are doomed to fade from Hyrule's history.

The Gohma prove too powerful for the Huskus garrison, and Tamako is gradually pushed back to her throne room. After Sulkaris is released, she heads straight to Tamako's room, where she is desperately trying to defend herself from the Gohma. Sulkaris taunts her and her dying Imperium. The Huskus Empress remains defiant demanding Sulkaris remember the Huskus as a legend when she claims Dominion over the world. Sulkaris responds by saying that the name Huskus will be remembered by no one in her new world, before breaking Tamako's neck.

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