The Tabantha Mountains, known as Peak Province in the Ancient Age and First Golden Age, are a mountain range in northwestern Hyrule.


The Tabantha Mountains are approximately 1000 square miles in area, running slightly northwest - southeast and serving as the natural boundary between Misery Mire and Vigjaro Glade. The Tanager Valley divides the Mountains and the Moruge Mountains to the southwest.

Mount Hebra, or Snowpeak, lies in the heart of the range, with the ancient Akkalan fortress of the same name found on its lower slopes. The abandoned holds of House Gustaf's vassals, lie scattered among the range, most notably the ruins of the House Onkled ancestral manor, Dodomai, which is found in the southern region of the Tabantha Mountains.


Ancient Age

In the Ancient Age, the Tabantha Mountains were much warmer, allowing for limited agriculture and settlement. During this period he Tabantha Mountains were inhabited by Yook, whom were later driven out by Akkalan settlers, notably House Gustaf. In 3121 BG the fortress of Snowpeak was completed, marking Gustaf's recognition as one of the five Great Houses. The region was known as Peak Province, with the Gustafs ruling as the Dukes of the Province. Following the coronation of Rhoaban Gustaf I as first King of Akkala in 3000 BG, Snowpeak briefly served as capital of Akkala until the completion of the new royal capital, Gundrumether, in 2291 BG. Later that year Rhoaban was assassinated by Baolin Nohansen I and Yom Daltus, sparking the Akkalan Civil War. By 2987 BG, the forces of rival Houses has broken the survivign Gustaf line and their vassals, forcing the survivors to flee to Calatia. Peak Province was abandoned, with many of its ruins becoming home to various bandit groups over the centuries.

Between the Ancient Age and First Golden Age, a large cold front caused by the jet streams over Misery Mire blanketed the Mountains, covering them in ice and rendering them hostile to settlement. It was in this period that the nickname Snowpeak became common for Mount Hebra.

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