Stronghold is a large defensive structure of the Gorons. It can be connected to a Metal Wall.


A giant looming edifice found along the sides of Death Mountain, Gorons Strongholds are some of the most defensible fortresses to have been erected in Hyrule. A lone Goron Stronghold can do wonders to hold an enemy invasion at bay.


  • Explosion-Resistant Foundations:
    Reinforcing the defensive foundations against explosives allows Goron defenders to attack invaders at the base of the walls with impunity. Removes minimum attack range for Defensive structures.
  • Mountain Defense:
    The Gorons prefer to build their defenses within existing mountains to exploit the natural reinforcement. Defense Structures gain +3 Crushing Armor.
  • Medingo Rock:
    The resilient volcanic rock of the Medingo region is prized for building Goron Double-Layer defenses. Double-Layer defenses gain +25% Health.
  • Superheated Lava:
    Deep shafts into the Earth draw particularly searing lava up into Goron Moats. Increases damage rate of Lava Moat Defenses.
  • Arc Murder Holes:
    Arced slots between battlements enable Goron defenders to hurl bombs from safety. Increases the attack range of Bulwark defenses.
  • Biggoron Bricks:
    Available only to Medigoron. The huge volcanic bricks carved by Biggoron in his free time are prized by Goron architects. All buildings gain +10% health.
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