Storm Zora
Storm Zora

Main Colour

Bright Orange

The Storm Zora are a Zora subrace who live on the Stormwracked Islands to the west of Crescent Island and a planned NPC faction in Hyrule Conquest's Great Sea expansion.


Beneath the restless Sea of Storms the Zora of the Deep had remained unknown to the rest of Hyrule for thousands of years. Now something from below has forced them up from the ocean floor, setting up their cities along the edges of islands pelted by constant cyclones and tempests.


Ancient Age

The Storm Zora are descended from a group of River Zora who renounced the worship of Bellum, ran away from their cousins and retreated deep into the Sea of Storms, where Bellum's influence doesn't reach.


File:SZ map.JPG

The Storm Zora can be distinguished from their Domain Zora and River Zora cousins by their black skin and bioluminescent organs.





  • The Storm Zora's appearance was inspired by the Elderly Zora character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.
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