Steamtank HC
Steamtank team 1

The Steam Tank with a team of Conquerors in Hyrule Conquest.

Steamtanks are monstrous war machines that fire deadly cannonballs, manufactured by the Empire of Labrynna. Their design changed from Hyrule: Total War.

The design of Steamtank in Hyrule: Total War.


The peak of Labrynnian engineering and military might, the Steamtank was a powerful mobile cannon that could shell enemy armies and plow through infantry with ease. These slow and lumbering machines could usually terrify an enemy into submission without having to fire a single shot.


  • Heavy Strike Cavalry


Name Description
Explosive Chance to instantly kill multiple enemies in attack
Heavy Armor Resistant to all non-Armor Piercing attacks
Imposing Damages morale of all non-cavalry units
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