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The Stalfos are a planned playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The fear of death is shared among all mortal beings and those that are fearful enough have, in the past, become entangled in many dark and unnatural means of preserving their lives. The Stalfos, also the ancient Hylian word for "of bones" are remnants of these long-lost endeavors to achieve long-lasting life. Little more than animated skeletons, Stalfos are completely mindless and, without guidance, will simply rot as any dead being would. In recent times, however, the Stalfos have slowly been assembling into an army under the guidance of unseen masters. The Kingdom of Hyrule and many other races have done their best to utterly destroy all remnants of these undead, yet periodically they show up time and again. The fear of an all out Stalfos army looms in the hearts of many, and without a doubt that fear is becoming more true every day. The dead corpses and remnants of the long deceased are rising from their graves all the more and gathering in all the hidden corners of Hyrule. Being an army of mindless drones, the Stalfos have the advantage of being completely immune to all psychological effects such as fear. It is impossible for a Stalfos army to flee, and they will fight until every bone in their carcasses are smashed beyond repair. Despite this huge advantage, the Stalfos lack muscles and their only means of movement is artificial: Stalfos move slowly and awkwardly and are relatively easy to destroy with a well placed hammer to the rib cage. Even though they may be frail in combat, most people would only dare to stand against the march of a Stalfos army coming to collect the corpses of the dead.


Stalfos are cobbled together from the bones of their slain enemies, assembled into grotesque mockeries. The few intelligent Stalfos are souls that have, through means of Necromancy, managed to avoid moving on to Termina and linger in Hyrule- the rest are mindless constructs of necromancy that exist only to serve their masters.


Most Stalfos, as mindless undead, are incapable of speech. The few that retain their intelligence, such as Scythe Lords, speak Hylian Dialect.




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  • The Stalfos faction symbol is a reference to the shields wielded by the Stalfos in Twilight Princess.
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