Zora Mages are exactly what their name says - Zora capable of what can be called 'magic'.


Carrying an electrified crystal in one hand, the powerful Spark Mages can unleash a white-hot bolt of lightning from quite a distance. A single shot can stun its victim, and sometimes instantly incinerate a target. Spark Mages need protection however; they are very vulnerable to damage and can do little to defend themselves in a melee.

Zora Dominion

Servant · Healer · Kyameron Master · Infiltrator · River Patrol · Halberdier · Blademaster · Boomeranger · Spark Mage · Shock Trooper · Sapphire Warden · Floodmaster · Domain Supreme · Hydrophant Lancer · Kyameron · Morphite · Hydrophant Demolisher · Mage Cannon · Hydrophant Canopy · Nayru's Blessed · Healer Supreme · Stormbolter

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