Serfs are the main workers of Ordona Province.

(Worker Unit)

Stats :

Cost : Food 50, Pop 1, 8 seconds

Health : 75

Melee Attack : 2 (Crush), Rate : 1.5/sec

Armor : 1% (Hack), 1% (Pierce), 1% (Crush)

Speed : 9.5 (Walk), 16 (Run)

Gather Rates : Food 0.8, Material : 0.4, Ore 0.3, Ruppee : 0.3

Loot : Food 1, Material 1, Ore 1, Ruppee 1


Everyday workers of Ordona Province, a vast majority of the nation's population served as farmers under the lordship of Yeomen and Mayors. Many farmers were quite poor and payed nearly half their yield and earning to their local Fief Lords. Still, they were quite a happy bunch and kept the agricultural nation a major power in Hyrule for many centuries.

Classes :

Support, Citizen, Worker

Recruitment :

Mayor's Manor (Civic Center), Serf Stead (House)

Builds :

Mayor's Manor (Civic Center), Serf Stead (House), Plantation (Civilian), Field (Farm), Harvest Camp (Dropoff Site), Swap Meet (Market), Tavern (Civilian), Chapel (Religious), Apiary (Farm), Militia Booth (Military), Goat Barn (Military), Carriage Barn (Military), Smithy (Military), Palisade Wall (Defense), Border Post (Defense), Ordona Guard Tower (Defense), Ranger Garrison (Military/Defense), Ordona Spring (Wonder)

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