Lanayru Province Rutela du Zodobon Lanayru Province


Rutela du Zodobon


General, Queen of Lanayru Province


Hylian-Zora Hybrid


Zora Dominion


126 AG
Airu, Lanayru Province


House Zodobon House Zodobon House Zodobon


Farkos Zora De Bon (ex-husband)


Ruto Zora De Bon (daughter)
Ralis du Zodobon (son)


Queen Rutela

Queen Rutela was a Zora-Hylian hybrid that served as a High General for the Zora Dominion, before later being crowned Queen of the Lanayru Province. She was the mother of Princess Ruto and Prince Ralis.

Physical Characteristics

Rutela was a female Hylian-Zora Hybird with pinkish skin and green pupiled eyes. She possessed gold-tinted cranial fins that resemble hair.


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Rise of Ganon

Rutela served as a High General for the Zora army. She was deemed worthy of leading an army despite being a hybrid since she had enough Zora blood to qualify.

Rutela was sent to Hylia Marine with a small force of Zora, in order to protect the Triforce from being taken by the Dark Interlopers. When she and her army arrived they discovered that both the Twinrova's Gerudo army and Veran's Fairies, had attempted to steal the Triforce as well. Rutela decided to delay the attack whilst the three armies fought amongst themselves.

When Princess Nylin Zelda I along with Impa, Rauru and Demise arrived at Hylia Marine, Rutela and Zelda formed an alliance to defeat all three armies in one fell swoop.

With the Triforce saved, Rutela and her army return to Domain Prime.

First Golden Age

Around 70 AG General Rutela marries King Farkos and together they have two children, Princess Ruto and Prince Ralis. They divorce some time before 100 AG, and Rutela moves with Ralis to Lanayru Province to live with the half-breeds there. When Lanayru Province becomes an autonomous protectorate of the Kingdom of Hyrule, Rutela is chosen to be its Queen.

The Return of Sulkaris


Sulkaris finishes off Rutela.

In 126 AG, Rutela, now the Queen of the independent Lanayru Province, learns of an imminent Gohma attack on her nation's capital of Airu, and leads the defense of the city from her throne room. Despite a valiant defense, the Lanayru garrison is overrun, and Rutela orders Aydia to evacuate the survivors through the underwater caverns of the city. Being the last to leave, Rutela is seized by Sulkaris in mid-dive into the central pool and pulled back up to the surface. Sulkaris smashes Rutela's skull into the wall several times before lethally stabbing her in the chest with her machete.

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Title established
Queen of Lanayru Province
70 AG - 128 AG
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