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Rusl is a prominent resident and well known figure in Ordona Province.

Physical Characteristics

Rusl is a male Ordonian with faded blond hair and blue eyes. He has somewhat unkempt appearance, with a scraggly beard and long hair.


Second Golden Age

Rusl has the rare opportunity as an Ordonian of being enlisted in the Hylian military, developing a skill in military tactics surpassing anyone in his native Province. His hopes of becoming the first Ordonian Knight of Hyrule fails, and after his service he returns to his homeland and takesup life as a trader to Hyrule and Lanayru Province.

The Gerudo Wars

Rusl aids in the defense of Nal Ordona during a surprise Gerudo attack, and survives the attack.

The Return of Sulkaris

Rusl and Ilia go to Lanayru Province on a trade mission in 120 AG, where he attempts to dissuade the budding romantic feelings Ilia has for Prince Ralis. He and Ilia later reunite with Ralis and Laruto at Vigjaro, and he is entrusted with protecting the Zora Prince during the Gohma attack.

Hero Variants

Rusl has one variant used during the mission The Knight in Green, a single-entity unit consisting of himself and Ilia in a covered wagon. This unit is a member of the Lanayru Province forces during the mission.

Hero Power


None of us are born with God-given-rights. We must earn these abilities.

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