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Ganon stands before the five Warlords

The Circle of Warlords is a group of five military leaders who rule the Gerudo before theRise of Ganon.


After King Ganon successfully invades Kakariko and defeats Dethl in the Shadow Temple, he forms an alliance with the Sheikah Bongo, who suggests that Ganon travel to the Gerudo Desert and propose an alliance to the Warlords. Knowing that, with their terrible pride, they would refuse Ganon's offer, she gives Ganon a vial of poison with the intent of poisoning their bloodline.

The middle warlord, wearing Darknut Styled armour

After Ganon is killed at Death Mountain Crater and the Triforce's location revealed at the Water Temple, the Twinrova sisters gather a small army of female Gerudo and march upon Hylia Marine to steal it against the Warlords' orders.

After the battle at Hylia Marine, unable to deal with the Gerudo, Sheikah and Fairy prisoners, Princess Nylin Zelda I decides to turn them over to the Warlords as a gesture of goodwill. The Warlords then banish the prisoners to the Mirror of Twilight, believing it to be the entrance to an endless void.

Without any male being born as the result of Ganon's curse, the Gerudo males gradually die out, and the Warlords' ranks shrink until Ganondorf is the only member left in 100 AG.

Ganondorf sitting in the empty Circle of Warlords chamber.