The Rebonack are the very heavy cavalry of the Darknut Legion.


Short of Legendaries and Deities, the Rebonack were the most experienced soldiers in the entire Legion and perhaps some of their most terrifying warriors. Rebonacks rode on top of black horses that had for centuries been bred for size. Armed with a lance in one hand and a sword in the other, Rebonacks could knock down enemy soldiers with ease and lob the heads off of those that survived.


  • Bulky Armor: durable to most forms of attack but can't run.
  • No Fear: cannot lose morale and retreat.
  • Exceptionally Trained: responds to orders better but takes longer to create.


  • The name "Rebonack" actually comes from a type of enemy in the second Legend of Zelda game, The Adventure of Link. Rebonack was a knight mounted on a metal horse that would charge at Link with a lance.
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