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Sage of Forests, Emerald Sage




3081 BG
Kokiri Forest


126 AG
Palagard's Sanctuary, Kokiri Forest

Palagard is the second Sage of Forest of Hyrule who watched over the Huskus and the imprisoned Sulkaris.


Palagard is Deku for storm (pala) and child (gard).

Physical Appearance

Palagard is a massive Huskus nearly twenty feet tall. Like most Huskus he is mostly green and has four legs and two bladed arms. He is often covered in moss and his extended age most likely results in his exoskeleton becoming more bark like.

Powers and Abilities

Palagard was given the ability to control the growth and trasition of life like his predessesor. Despite this, he most often uses physical force to accomplish his goals.

Palagard has the unique ability to channel purple lightning through his antennae and claws at enemies, which may be an innate elder Huskus ability, as no other Forest Sage displays such powers.


Palagard is noted for being calm and quiet, only speaking when it was needed. His wisdom is often sought by Huskus Emperors and Empresses, and because of his age he is likely one of the most intelligent beings to have lived in Hyrule.

Palagard's in-game model

Stained glass depiction of Palagard in Hyrule Castle.


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Ancient Age

Palagard participated in many battles against the Gohma in their rampage across Hyrule after Sulkaris took charge of them. When Sulkaris is defeated, the First Sages approach and make Palagard her successor as Sage of Forest.

Palagard holds this position for around five thousand years until he chose Kasuto as his successor shortly after the latter created the Kokiri.

Gerudo Wars

In the Gerudo Wars Palagard accepts the task of watching over the imprisoned spirit of Sulkaris after she is defeated by Kasuto and Saria.

The Return of Sulkaris

Palagard and his sanctuary fall under assault from a Gohma army around 126 AG. Led by Agitha and Mido, the Gohma break through the Huskus defense and storm toward the chamber housing Sulkaris. Palagard makes a last stand in the city, killing many Gohma, but is ultimately brought down and consumed by a swarm of Gohma larvae.

Preceded by:
Sage of Forests
3000 BG - c. 100 BG
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