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The Palace of Twilight is the capital of the Forces of Twilight. It is located at the heart of the Realm of Twilight, and houses a Mirror of Twilight connected to the Arbiter Grounds which might be used to move between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm.


Originally constructed as a lone castle from which the royal Twili would rule their people, this massive complex eventually came to house civilian populations and transformed into a city. For centuries the palace has stood as a bastion of civilisation in the barren and unforgiving Realm of Twilight and armies are bred and trained within its halls at all times.


Attacking the Palace is actually rather straightforward; invading armies simply have to march up a moderate incline to reach the central plaza. This however lets the Twili make use of what they are best at: scaring their enemies off. A large ring surrounds the perimeter of the plaza, allowing scores of sorceress units to bombard anyone trying to capture the city from nearly all angles. Soldiers can also move unto the ring via the palace itself and then circle around to cut off enemies from behind and break their morale. Sol Cannons can also focus fire in the long corridor that leads to the courtyard, raining glowing fire down from the sky on an approaching army.

Creator's Notes

While initially I wanted to keep that barren feeling that the original palace had, it was just too small for a game like this. Like several other settlements based largely off of existing canon, the Palace was simply scaled up in size and other buildings were added on. Even though civilians live here I wanted to give the impression that the Palace of Twilight was just that: a massive structure built into the terrain and not an array of buildings.