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Ordona Province is a playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The vast Plains of Ordona have been ruled by numerous peoples throughout recorded history. Prior to the arrival of Akkalans in the south, the plains were home to the Moblins in the southwest and the Kingdom of Ikana in the southeast. The lands that would become Ordona Province were part of the Kingdom of Ikana during the unification of Akkala circa 3000 BG, between the Ikana Canyons and the border province of Zonai. In 2993 BG Ikana suffered a Civil War and fell within days, leaving behind only corpses and ruins, and their lands were left unpoulated. After the destructive war with the Blins, Akkalan settlers began to migrate south, settling in the fertile valleys and mountains of Ordona. These settlers were not obsessed with preserving familiar bloodlines as the Akkalans to the north, and freely bred and mixed bloodlines, resulting in a robust and diverse people who were looked upon with suspicion. With these came an erosion of the Akkalan noble families, instead being replaced by a class of landed nobility known as Fief Lords, ruled by a council of Mayors. Over the centuries, the Ordonians would become a distinct ethnic and cultural entity from their Akkalan cousins, now called Hylians, most notable their rounded ears, a dominant trait that appeared in any child sired by Ordonians and Hylians. The Hylians feared the loss of their ethnic identity, and thus made intermarriage with Ordonians taboo.

Ordona remained a culturally distinct but politically unified force with the Kingdom of Hyrule until 39 AG, when it was granted the status of a semi-autonomous Province by Princess Nylin Nohansen Zelda I.


Noble Houses

In the early days of Akkalan settlers moving south, a number of noble families sworn to House Nohansen moved to what would become Ordona Province. Over time, the power of these Houses diminished and they largely dissolved into the landed Fief Lords and Lord Mayors of Ordona. However, those with Hylian Noble blood, such as Daphnes Kazakk of House Kazakk, would continue to be born in the Province.

House Seat Region Sigil Blazon Words Notes
Bede Plains of Ordona
House Bede.png
Pumpkin Labor and Fortune *Post-Akkalan
Dalrus Plains of Ordona
House Dalrus.png
Boar Charging Forth *Post-Akkalan
Haran Plains of Ordona
Lodrum Plains of Ordona
Mathos Plains of Ordona
House Mathos.png
Butterfly Together in Adversity *Post-Akkalan
Sarjon Plains of Ordona
Valko Plains of Ordona
House Valko.png
Heron Deeds, Not Blood *Post-Akkalan








Hero Units






  • The faction symbol of Ordona Province is based on the Ordon Shield from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.