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The Order of the Wizzrobe is a planned Minor Faction available on Volcanic/Montainous Biomes.


The avian Wizzrobe were one of he first known civilizations in recorded history, and the second known developed society in Hyrule after the mysterious Kovalians. The Wizzrobe arise prior to 7000 BG, living in mystical underground cities underneath what would become the Kingdom of Hyrule, particularly the future city of Vigjaro. Naturally attuned to sense the forces of magic, the Wizzrobes developed an advanced society based in cities such as Byrna and Somaria, but an unknown magical calamity nearly destroyed their civilization, rendering their society to that of traveling mystics and healers.

When the Akkalans founded Vigjaro in the early 3000's BG, they unknowingly settled atop one of the greatest of the old Wizzrobe cities. The surviving Wizzrobes slowly emerged into Akkalan society, forming an order of teachers, mystics, and healers known as the Order of the Wizzrobe based out of the city's Cathedral. Able to sense but not perform magic themselves, the Wizzrobe secretly envied the Akkalans who bore magic in their very blood.

In 2982 BG, Hylia Nohansen I, the Goddess of Akkala, went into self imposed exile, and approached the order, offering to give them the means to utilize the magic they so sought, in exchange for aid in erasing herself from Hylian history. Through their newfound magic and old-fashioned book burnings, they successfully erased Hylia's existence from recorded history, coming to serve her as agents and enforcers. Under Hylia's guidance, the Order would influence Hylian history from the shadows for the following 2,000 years, still posing as a humble order of mystics and healers.



  • Initiate


Siege Weaponry

  • Earth Reaper

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