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Ogalon is a high ranking General of the Moblins during the reign of King Ganon. She serves as his right-hand woman in his campaign for the Triforce and is the only person whom he ever confides to.

Physical Characteristics

Ogalon is a short and stocky female Blin with brown fur and luminescent yellow eyes. She uniquely wears the fur on her head in braids.

Ogalon wears a set of iron armor with a red and gold cape. In combat she uses a Moblin spear and hide shield.


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Rise of Ganon

Ogalon serves as an officer in the Moblin military, and gets promoted by Ganon to general when her direct superior is killed in the assault on Kakariko. She is then ordered to fetch an army into the Shadow Temple to help Ganon gain the Sheikah Bongo as an ally. Inside, they defeat the Druthulidi Dethl, who has recently been invading Bongo's dreams, unknowingly allowing it to enter Bongo's body.


Following Bongo's advice, Ganon marches the army westward in an attempt to sway the Gerudo and the Darknut Legion to their quest. During this journey Ogalon becomes interested in Ganon's secret diary, which he claims to contain all of his plans after obtaining the Triforce.

With the Darknut Legion backing them, the Moblins return to the Kingdom of Hyrule and assault Hyrule Castle. When Ganon is busy with the soldiers Ogalon attempts to read his diary in secret, but just as she enters his empty tent he commences the attack, forcing her to return to the battlefield.

The Moblins successfully overcome the Hylian defenders and take over the capital. Ganon enters the throne room, but can't find the Triforce, thankfully Bongo is still able to extract its new location - Spectacle Rock - from King Sil Rhoam Bosphoramus before he dies. Ganon immediately orders the army to march to Death Mountain. While Ganon is busy in the capital, Ogalon takes her time to read his diary and discover his wish. When he returns, she becomes so moved by this wish that she starts to cry before him.

Ganon takes over the Fire Temple from the Volvagians and the Gorons and starts to extract the Triforce from its cradle, but shortly after that, the Hylians, Gorons and loyal Sheikah assault the Fire Temple. Ogalon volunteers to command the Moblins against the invaders while Ganon works to realize his wish.

During the battle, Princess Nylin Nohansen Zelda I manages to sneak past the Moblins and Volvagians into the Fire Temple and kill Ganon. With Ganon killed, the Moblins flee Death Mountain to their homeland.

The Return of Sulkaris

Ogalon is still alive over a hundred years after Ganon's death, and comes to be in the company of Ganondorf.