Nuun is a settlement in the Nuun Highlands in Labrynna, located roughly 45 miles northeast of Lynna City.


In 3003 BG, Sulkaris and the Gohma invaded Akkala, devastating the vassal Houses of House Gustaf and pushing into the Akkalan heartland. While Sulkaris would be slain by Rhoaban Gustaf I in 3000 BG, many Akkalans fled south into the lands occupied at the time by the Kingdom of Ikana. On the eastern fringes of Ikanian territory, along the Kano River, they constructed the Fort of Wings as a shelter, before continuing east and settling the future Lynna City. These people, largely cut off from their fellow Akkalans, would develop a new Kingdom and culture known as Labrynna. For millennia Labrynna was a beacon of civilization in the east, before experiencing a rapid industrial revolution c. 105 - 110 AG, which sparked an aggressive expansion fueled by Manifest Destiny.

Nuun traditionally served as the northern frontier of Labrynna, and was home to large, aggressive Blue Bears, which were eventually tamed by Labrynnian pioneers to make up for the lack of horses in the land. These bears would eventually be adopted as an unorthodox form of cavalry by the Labrynnian military, known as Blue Dragoons.

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