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Nardu the White, Queen of the Lizalfos




140 AG
Kingdom of Hyrule


Clutch of Pure White

  Nardu the White is the Queen of the Lizalfos.

Physical Characteristics

Nardu is a Lizalfos matriarch with grey-black skin and scales. Most of her physical features are veiled by her iconic suit of armor crafted in homage of Dynalkulshut, the Lizalfos Goddess of Blood, though her piecing white eyes are visible. Unknown to most, a large scar runs from her jaw to brow on the left side of her face.


First Golden Age

Nardu becomes the sole queen on the throne of Faron some time before 100 AG. None know how she rose to power, though it's fair to say it was accomplished through backstabbing, murder and the poisoned words of her mouth.

Nardu under her helmet.

Gerudo Wars

In 100 AG, following an attack by the Gohma and the Fallen Sage Sulkaris, the Great Deku Tree calls a meeting between the leaders of the people of the Kokiri Forest in an attempt to create an alliance to strike against the Gohma. Upon seeing the evidence provided by Kasuto - a few Gohma carapaces - Nardu refuses to believe him, considering the Gohma to be no more than a stray hive. Before Nardu leaves the meeting, Kasuto wishes her to find a good place to hide from Sulkaris.

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