Nal Ordona is the capital of Ordona Province, a rustic town and river port famed for its alcohol. It is located along the Menoat River, roughly 40 miles southwest of Dracozu. Nal Ordona serves as the Siege Map for Ordona Province.


In 2384 BG, King Rhogim Nohansen V took the throne of the Kingdom of Hyrule, and would be known as Rhogim the Wise, ushering in an era of prosperity and reform until his death in 2287 BG. During his reign, numerous House Nohansen vassal Houses left their holdings in Hyrule Field and Lake Hylia to settle the Plains of Ordona. Left largely uninhabited by the devastation of the Moblins and the fall of Ikana, they would soon become the breadbasket of Hyrule. One of these Houses, House Kazakk, established a holding along the Menoat River. Like other Hylian settlements, it began as a sheltered community, a central noble manor or castle home to one of the larger Houses, surrounded by rural villages governed by their bannermen, but over time the free breeding regardless of bloodline diminished the hold of Hylian noble houses, and House Kazakk faded to little more than a few pointy-eared holdouts with delusions of nobility. Over time, due to its position along the river and proximity to Ordon Spring, Nal Ordona became the de facto capital of the Province, with the Circle of Lords and Mayors ruling from the town. The Mayor of Nal Ordona, currently Bo, is typically the leader of the Circle and by extend the most powerful individual in the Province. In 39 AG, Princess Nylin Nohansen Zelda I granted Ordona the status of a semi-autonomous Province, with Nal Ordona recognized as its political capital.In 98 AG, at the onset of the Gerudo Wars, Emperor Ganondorf and his Darknut allies first targeted Nal Ordona, hoping to cut off the Kingdom of Hyrule's food supply in anticipation of besieging Gundrumether, as well as lure out and capture Princess Marhala Nohansen Zelda III. The Ordonians and Hylian support, however, managed to drive back the invasion force, and the Gerudo and Darknuts split up as they headed north. Nal Ordona, despite being the economic and political capital of Ordona Province, retains its rustic charm, appearing more like a spread out collection of plantations and collages than a compact urban city. Its many taverns and breweries attract travelers from far and wide as well as Ordona's ruling class of Fief Lords, Mayors, and Entrepreneurs. The settlement, while landlocked, is connected to Lake Hylia via the Menoat River and sees sporadic trade and fishing up and down to the Lake. While not in the town proper, the nearby Ordon Spring, source of the Menoat, is famed for its life-giving, healing waters and is said to be the sanctuary of demigod Latoan.

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