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Sage of Spirits, Amber Sage






71 AG






Makeela Riju (daughter)

Nabooru Riju is the third Sage of Spirits of Hyrule, the wife of Ganondorf, and the empress of the reformed Gerudo Empire.


Nabooru is likely derived from the Gerudo words nav (free) and booru (spirit).


Second Golden Age


Stained glass depiction of Nabooru in Hyrule Castle.

Nabooru is orphaned at a young age and taken in by Twinrova. She is raised alongside Ganondorf and wishes to marry him for most of her young life. When granted the right to choose any Gerudo to be his wife upon reaching the age of sixteen, Ganondorf chooses Nabooru above all others to become his queen. She lives happily with Ganondorf until shortly before the Gerudo Wars when he begins to militarize for an invasion against Hyrule. Despite her concerns Nabooru remains loyal to her husband. It is around this time Nabooru begins having dreams of the Darknut Sage Yaraxonal, who was attempting to make Nabooru aware of her existence.

Gerudo Wars

During the Gerudo Wars Yaroxonal inspires Nabooru to rebel against Ganondorf and take command of the Gerudo armies in her dreams, convincing her of his diabolical behavior and wrongful invasion of Hyrule. When hints of her actions comes to Twinrova, they swiftly brainwash Nabooru and force her to fight against the Hylians. Aware of her actions but unable to control herself, Nabooru begins a long battle of wills until Yaraxonal helps her overcome Twinrova's influence. Eventually Nabooru betrays Ganondorf to the invading Hylian armies; she breaks the locks to the gates of Ashinon and allows the invaders to kill Twinrova and capture Ganondorf. Yaraxonal then manages to inspire Nabooru to explore the chambers under the Cathedral of Ontheon during the Hylian assault of 101 AG. Together with Senturon she finds Yaraxonal frozen in stone and manages to free her.

Yaraxonal and Senturon both take the throne of the Legion after their victory, declaring war on the Gerudo and enslaving the remainder of their people and put their leaders on trial. Many Gerudo leaders are executed, but Ganondorf is spared and imprisoned after Nabooru pleads for his life.

Return of Sulkaris

Nabooru spends much of her time in service of Yaraxonal and assuring her people's treatment under Darknut rule. In her free time Nabooru would choose stay with Ganondorf in his cell at Baral's Stand, whom she still loves, until Urbosa leads the operation to break him out. Around this time Nabooru gives birth to Makeela Riju, the only legal daughter of her and Ganondorf.

When Ganondorf plans to form an alliance between the Gerudo and the Lizalfos in the Faron Woods, Nabooru bids him the best of luck, and returns to the Darknut Legion to prepare for Ganondorf's return.

Unique Bonuses

Unique Unit Serpent Slayer Strong melee unit that has a Magic deflecting shield. Excellent at absorbing Magic Damage and killing Mages.
Unique Tech Kovaloo's Gift 20% Ranged Attack rate and movement speed for all Archer units.
Unique Passive Amber Empress 10% population cap bonus.

Unique Abilities

LVL 1 Dune Volley +25% Attack range for all ranged units within Nabooru's aura.
LVL 2 Supply Raid All soldier and siege units in formation with Nabooru gain double loot from destroyed enemies.
LVL 3 Logistics -50% Batch Build Time, +50% Tech Research Time when Garrisoned in an economic building.
LVL 4 Kingslayer Nabooru's Attack Damage doubles and she gains the Assassin Bonus, dealing extra damage to Commanders and Heroes.
LVL 5 Golden Knuckle Nabooru gains dons the armor of a Golden Knuckle, dramatically boosting all of her stats (though she loses speed). If slain, she will revert to her unarmored self.
Preceded by:
Sage of Spirits
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Ganondorf (as Emperor of the Gerudo)
Leader of the Gerudo (de facto) with Yaraxonal (de jure)
101 AG - 135 AG
Succeeded by:
Ganondorf (as Emperor of the Gerudo)
Preceded by:
Ganondorf (as Emperor of the Gerudo)
Leader of the Gerudo
135 AG - ? AG
Succeeded by:
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