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Cobble Kingdom, Great Sea

King Mutoh is the incumbent ruler of the Cobble Kingdom.


Ancient Age

King Mutoh was goaded by the Druthulidi Bellum into a titanic war with the Cobble Kingdom's two neighbors, the Lokomo and the Oshus Empire. For many years, all three empires were provided military and economic aid from Bellum itself. Later when Bellum was revealed to be the engineer of the war, while Anjean and King Oshus decided to reject any further help, King Mutoh remained loyal to Bellum. Taking full advantage of Bellum's aid, the Cobble Kingdom proceeded to overwhelm its enemies and dominate most of the Great Sea.

When the Ocean King, seeing Bellum's victory in its grasp, unleashed the unstoppable Phantom Army on a genocidal rampage, massive armies of the Cobble Kingdom fell to their endless and tireless march. In short order the entire Kingdom collapsed, and King Mutoh ordered the last of their people to retreat deep within their monumental tombs and enter a long enchanted sleep.

The Great Sea

In 140 AG, King Mutoh and his people are awakened from their tombs by explorers from the Kingdom of Hyrule.