Mount Hebra, or Snowpeak, is a mountain found in the Tabantha Mountains in northwestern Hyrule.


Hebra is a modern derivative of the ancient Akkalan name Hebria, one of the vassal Houses of House Gustaf.


The most iconic landmark of the Tabantha Mountains, and indeed perhaps all of northwestern Hyrule, is a relatively short mountain, being under 2000 meters high. It is located in the heart of the Tabantha Mountains, and the Akkalan fortress, also known as Snowpeak, lies along its western slope in an isolated valley. Mount Hebra has been covered in snow and blizzards ever since a cold front covered the Tabantha Mountains.


Ancient Age

In the Ancient Age the climate was much warmer, allowing settlement and agriculture on the slopes of Mount Hebra. Yook inhabited the Mountain until being driven out by Akkalan settlers, and House Gustaf and its vassals took up residence in the Tabantha Mountains. In 3121 the fortress of Snowpeak was completed, serving as the capital of Peak Province and briefly Akkala under the rule of King Rhoaban Gustaf I from 3000 - 2991 BG, when it as replaced by the newly constructed royal capital, Gundrumether. Later that year Rhoaban was assassinated by Baolin Nohansen I and Yom Daltus, sparking the Akkalan Civil War. By 2987 BG House Gustaf and its vassals were routed or wiped out, forced to abandon Peak Province and flee to Calatia. It remains the emblem and namesake of the Calatian House Hebria.

Between the Ancient Age and First Golden Age, a large cold front caused by the jet streams over Misery Mire blanketed the Mountains, covering them in ice and rendering them hostile to settlement. It was in this period that the nickname Snowpeak became common for Mount Hebra.

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