Moldarach's in-game model

Moldarach is an Aroruda that has lived for several centuries and has grown to match his age.

Physical Characteristics

Moldarach is a huge Aruroda, by far the largest of his kind. Uniquely amongst Arurodas, he has a black carapace and orange stinger tail as opposed to the grey that his kind usually display.


Though Moldarach often sleeps in caves along the base of the Snowpeak mountains, when hungry he often ventures into Lanayru Province and brings with him a trail of destruction. During mating seasons Moldarach is most active, sometimes summoning armies of his spawn to take on entire cities.


The Return of Sulkaris

In 127 AG, during the Gohma invasion of Lanayru Province, Moldarach is roused into battle against the Gohma by Link and Aydia. He manages to kill many Gohma, including an Armogohma, and it takes the personal intervention of the Fallen Sage Sulkaris to kill him.

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