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Zant (son)

Mizorant is the first king of the Twili Dynasty of Mizorant who ruled briefly before being assassinated by the Great Fairies of Twilight.

Physical Characteristics

Mizorant is male Twili with dark red hair and beard and luminescent amber eyes. Like other male Twili his nose narrows at its base rather than flaring, though his nose is distinctly more square-shaped than his son Zant's, and his index and ring fingers are notably elongated. Like many Twili, Mizorant appears to adorn his body with tattoos, as geometric designs can be seen on his left hand and nose.


Mizorant is an ambitious, paranoid, and cold individual, disapproving of his son's childish behavior and relation with a woman of low blood, but more obsessed with his legacy and expanding the power of the Twili Empire. While cunning and calculating enough to realize his royal line was merely a pawn for the Great Fairies of Twilight, he fails to realize that he is merely a pawn for the Parella's ambitions and too arrogant to believe the Fairy triumvirate would dare to assassinate him in his own Palace. The only individual whose council he seems to trust is his Butler.


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The Realm of Twilight

Before Mizorant's ascension to the throne, he met a group of Parella, who intended to travel to Hyrule but had their teleportation disrupted and ended up in the Realm of Twilight. With their help, Mizorant plans to get rid of the three Great Fairies Veran, Morsheen and Una, who have been ruling the Twili Empire through all of his predecessors in the past, and then conquer Hyrule.

After becoming King, Mizorant discovers the relationship of his son Zant with the lowborn girl Midna, which he strongly disapproves of.

When the Great Fairies approach him and attempt to turn him into their puppet, as they had done with all the Twili Kings before him, Mizorant rejects their command and banishes them from the Palace of Twilight, confident that his new Parella allies will help him free the Realm of Twilight from their grip.

However he underestimated the power and influence the Fairies had within the state, and due to his arrogance they disband his armies against his will, effectively stripping him of his authority. Shortly afterwards they return to confront Mizorant in the Palace of Twilight, where they murder him for refusing them.

After killing Mizorant, the Fairies cast his son Zant aside and install Zant's fiancée Midna as the new Twili Queen, which ultimately leads to a civil war in which Zant seeks to reclaim his birthright.

Mizorant's reign ends for his arrogance

Preceded by:
Twili Puppet Kings
King of the Twili Empire
Succeeded by:
Midna (as Queen of the Twili Empire)
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