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Biggoron (older brother)

Medigoron is the younger brother of the famous Goron smith Biggoron.


At half the size of his brother, Medigoron is still one of the biggest Gorons on record. In battle, his preferred weapon is a sword crafted by his brother. His body bears many scars from the numerous battles he has fought in.

Powers and Abilities

Although Medigoron lacks the creative skill of his brother, he certainly can use Biggoron's swords to great effect. He's known as a warrior and brawler, but lacks foresight and isn't particularly bright.

Unique Abilities

Unique Unit Brother-at-Arms A fast melee unit with a huge swords. Deals a large swath of splash damage to many enemies around itself.
Unique Tech Biggoron Bricks The huge volcanic bricks carved by Biggoron in his free time are prized by Goron architects. All buildings gain 10% Health.
Unique Research Bomb Supply Chains Bomb Tower and Stronghold bomb count is increased by one.

Unique Bonus

LVL 1 Battle Rush All Melee Infantry within Medigoron's aura gain +10% movement speed.
LVL 2 Goron Heavyweight All Melee Infantry in formation with Medigoron become immune to all Knockback.
LVL 3 Death Mountain Defense Garrisoned structure gains +10% Health.
LVL 4 Fearless Medigoron's Movement and Attack Speed increases by 50% and he gains the Trample bonus.
LVL 5 Bane of Biggoron Medigoron unleashed a mighty swing of his sword against a single target. Deals tremendous damage to Titans.
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