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Gerudo.png Makeela Riju Gerudo.png


Princess of the Gerudo Empire


Princess Riju






Adiela (grandmother)
Ganondorf (father)
Nabooru (mother)
Urbosa (half-sister)
(numerous half-sisters)
Buliara (bodyguard)

Makeela Riju is the only true-born daughter of Emperor Ganondorf and his wife Nabooru, his legal heir, and half-sister of Urbosa, she has a bodyguard named Buliara.


Riju believes the survival of the Gerudo people lies out in reaching into other cultures instead of conquest like her father envisions. Many Gerudo see such an ideal as naive and certain to doom their people.


Second Golden Age

Riju is born to Ganondorf and Nabooru some time after he's freed from imprisonment at the hands of the Darknut Legion, and is immediately named as her father's heir due to her status as the daughter of his legal wife, something which attracts jealousy from het half-sister Urbosa. In her youth, Riju spends most of her time raising Sandseals in the desert.

Unique Bonuses

Unique Unit Dust Sentinel A slow Cavalry Archer that is invisible beyond close ranges.
Unique Tech Desert Haven Palace and Oasis now heal units within their auras.
Unique Passive Eyes on Paradise Gerudo Swine yield an additional 25 Food.

Unique Abilities

LVL 1 Desert Borders All Walls within Riju's aura gain +3 armor and +50% HP.
LVL 2 Sandseal Master Sandseal units in formation with Riju gain +25% health and +10% movement speed.
LVL 3 Seal Trainer -50% Batch Build Time for garrisoned Sandseal Pen.
LVL 4 Line in the Sand All Defensive structures within Riju's aura temporarily become immune to capture and regain health.
LVL 5 Choking Cloud Riju temporarily summons a large cloud of sand and dust. All units within her aura are now stealthed, enemy ranged projectiles have increased miss chance, and enemy line of sight is reduced by 50%.