Lumberjacks are the heavy axe-wielding infantry unit of Ordona Province.

(Worker Unit)

Stats :

Cost : Food 25, Ore 10, Pop 1, 12 seconds

Health : 150

Capture Attack : 5, Rate : 1/sec

Melee Attack : 9.2 (Hack), Rate : 1.2/sec

Armor : 15% (Hack), 10% (Pierce), 20% (Crush)

Speed : 12.5 (Walk), 16 (Run)

Gather Rates : Food 0.4, Material 0.6, Ore 0.1, Ruppee 0.1

Loot : Food 10, Material 10, Ruppee 20


Farmers may have made up most of the Province's workers, but a hearty contingent of Lumberjacks and builders could be found providing lumber and shelter to Ordonians year-round. These men of strength could wield their tree-felling axes into battle, and while not professionally trained in military tactics, their sheer brutality could beat down and scare off most enemies.

Classes :

Soldier, Melee, Citizen, Worker, Blunt

Recruitment : 

Mayor's Manor (Civic Center)

Builds : 

Palisade Wall (Defense), Border Post (Defense), Ordona Guard Tower (Defense), Ranger Garrison (Military/Defense)

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