The Lizalfos Pantheon was a polytheistic religion practised by the Lizalfos of Faron, defined by the worship of a set of reptilian deities. It was practised rather extensively, and largely defined the Lizalfos culture and philosophy. It was propagated by Shamans and Druids, as well as the general population. Often a city would pick a deity as a patron and follow it, should misfortune befell their community.


Deity okra

Ok Ra

Ok Ra was a great serpent adorned with the skull of a Lizalfos, which they encountered during their time in the forest. It soon began to receive worship, as the god of poisons, disease, and death.

Deity dodalagon


Dodalagon, also known more generally as Volvagia, was an ancient Volvagian overlord of the Lizalfos during their time on Death Mountain. He became a focus of their worship, as the god of the hunt.

Deity dinraal


Dinraal was a great Volvagian dragon said to have been cloaked in flame. They haven't been seen for centuries, but remain ever-present among the Lizalfos pantheon as their god of war and battle.

Deity farosh


A giant Chameleofos adorned with a majestic horn, perhaps the first of his kind, who is said to make his home in the forests of Faron. He is worshipped as the Lizalfos god of secrets, and all that is hidden.

Deity helmking

Garnyle Og

Garnyle Og, also known by the title Helmasaur King, was a tyrant of Death Mountain that migrated south into Faron along with the Lizalfos kind. Following this exodus, it became revered by the Lizalfos as their god of the forests.

Deity trinexx


Trinexx, the Lord of Turtle Rock, was a three-headed Dodongo snake that migrated south into Faron with the Lizalfos kind. It soon became emblematic of their homeland, eventually being revered as the god of the mountains.

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