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Linebeck is a Labrynnian sailor and businessman who is affliated with New Hyrule. He's the owner and captain of a steamship named after himself, the SS Linebeck.


Once an obscure sailor who ran cigar runs in Labrynna, Captain Linebeck gained the attention of Tetra when he realized he could sell Labrynna cannons to New Hyrule for steep prices. He has since worked with Tetra to arm her navy with cannons and outfitting ships with powerful armor. He's become extremely wealthy and hopes to retire on a tropical island in the Great Sea.

Hero Abilities

Land ability

Magnificent Bastard - Linebeck's suave and charm inspire nearby allies to participate in battle, increasing morale and preventing units from retreating for a short time.

Sea ability

Dragonpowder Round - Linebeck's crew loads his ship's cannon with legendary Dragonpowder, launching a highly volatile and explosive mortar that rains burning fire down on an enemy fleet.


Damn I love being right!

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