Latoan is a Spirit that takes the form of an Ordonian Ram, the animal Ordona is most known for. It is the Titan of Ordona Province.


An ancient and perhaps primordial Spirit, Latoan was worshiped as a deity by the ancient pagan tribes of Ordona Province long before the Hylians converted their people to worship the Goddesses. Latoan's iconography and influence never left the Ordonians however, and even to this day he serves as somewhat of a patron saint or deity in Ordona Province. Legend says that Latoan fell into a deep sleep beneath the Ordon Spring as he and his kind were no longer needed to spiritually guide the Ordonian people. When he was active in the world, legend said that Latoan would grow vast crops in the blink of an eye, bring a healing rain forth from the sky, and summon a flock of ghostly goats to protect the borders of his land from his enemies.

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