Lanayru Province is a playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The Lanayru Coast was first settled by Ocean Zora circa 5500 BG. These Zora would largely migrate to the Spool Swamp within the following 500 years, but some remained in the region, eventually coming under the rule of the Zora Dominion founded by their cousins who had migrated inland. Roughly 1000 years later, between 4000 and 3000 BG, the first Akkalans migrated into the region from Arcadia, forming the five Houses of Akkala. By 3200 and 3100 BG, one family, the Daltuns had settled roots down in eastern Lanayru, particularly the area around Seshei. The Daltuns became immensely wealthy as Bankers and Traders, financing the construction of Akkala Citadel. Against the traditions of both Akkalan and High Zoran culture, those living on the Lanayru Coast began to interbreed, resulting in the first Zora Hybrids. These Hybrids, despite persecution by their mother countries, continued to grow in population until they absorbed largely absorbed House Daltus and its bannermen. Over the centuries Lanayru would eventually become an independent Province under the shared jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Hyrule and Zora Dominion, developing their own unique culture and ethnicity distinct from Hylians and High Zoran.


Noble Houses

Lanayru Province has traditionally been dominated by a number of ancient family lines dating back to the time of Akkala. Of these, none was greater than the Akkalan House Daltus. Over the centuries, House Daltus and its bannermen were largely assimilated into the Zora Hybrid population, becoming Zora Houses. While the influence of the Noble Houses of Lanayru is much less prominent than the days of Akkalan rule, they nonetheless remain a major political force and retain blood ties to both the Hylian and High Zoran nobility.

House Seat Region Sigil Blazon Words Notes
Apono Coast of Airu
House Apono.png
Conch Shell By Her Wisdom and Love
Aurob Coast of Airu
House Aurob.png
Moldarach Know Our Deeds
Daltus Coast of Airu
House Daltus.png
Rupee With Salt and Gold, We Rule
Dorephan Coast of Airu
House Dorephan.png
Oshunite Believe in Our Strength *Post-Akkalan
Inogo Airu Coast of Airu
House Inogo.png
Crossed Swords By Blade and Faith *Post-Akkalan
Lanayru Airu Coast of Airu
House Lanayru.png
Trident With Skill and Beauty
Maldo Coast of Airu
House Maldo.png
Anchor Unwavering, Always
Malpis Coast of Airu
House Malpis.png

Scallop Shell Freedom above Death
Solen Coast of Airu
House Solen.png
Gyorg No Foe Too Great
Trinon Coast of Airu
House Trinon.png
Gleeok We Guard the Land
Whod Coast of Airu
House Whod.png
Three Sand Dollars Until the End of Days
Worten Coast of Airu
House Worten.png
Hookshot We Heed the Call *Post-Akkalan
Yettu Coast of Airu
House Yettu.png
Seagull I Am the Storm
Yonadi Coast of Airu
House Yonadi.png
Sailing Ship Chasing the Horizon
Zodobon Airu Coast of Airu
House Zodobon.png
Lanayru Jewel

For Family and Country



  • The Faction symbol of Lanayru Province is based on symbols found inside the Lakebed Temple of Twilight Princess.
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