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Lake Hylia, known as Macilu Hylya in Akkalan, is the largest lake in Hyrule, separating Hyrule Field, the Plains of Ordona, and Faron Woods, approximately 20 miles from Nal Ordona. It serves as a 5 - player skirmish map in Hyrule Conquest.


Hylia is the modern version of the Akkalan name Hylya. The word hy generally signifies something good, while lya translates to mother. Therefore the direct translation of Hylia is "Good Mother".


Lake Hylia is approximately 875 square miles in area and lies in a natural basin, nearly in the heart of Hyrule, serving as the primarily geographic boundary between Hyrule Field, the Plains of Ordona, and Faron Woods. It is fed by the Zora River from the northwest, the Faron River from the southeast, and the Menoat River from the south. Settlements along the shores include Hylia Marine on the northern coast; Deya on the northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Zora River; Peppeto on the southeastern coast; and Ukshulut at the mouth of the Faron River. The Bridge of Hylia spans the mouth of the Zora River as it flows into the lake.

Lake Hylia is surrounded by lush wetlands, plains, and forests, and boasts some of the most fertile land in all of Hyrule. It is the ancestral holding of the House Nohansen, who use the native Red - Beaked Swan as their sigil.