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Labrynna is a planned playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


Far to the east of Hyrule, the lands of Labrynna and Holodrum have remained largely unaffected by the bloody and savage wars of the past. In the southeastern reaches of this stable land, the Labrynnians have developed peacefully for centuries, only having to fend off smaller tribes of hostile natives to expand their empire. The average Labrynnian looks similar to Hylians, though their ears have a much more vertical tilt to them. It is theorized that they may have been Hylian colonists that traveled far east in some ancient time, though there is no proof left to link the two races. Regardless, Labrynna's people have always been fueled to find knowledge, and their level of technology is above that of the medieval races to the west. They have managed to harness the power of hydraulics through the use of geysers, and, as such, steam is an important aspect of their machinery. Their most infamous invention, however, is that of gunpowder. Labrynna's armies are all equipped with these deadly firearms that can down an enemy force from a tremendous distance. This technological superiority gives the Labrynnians a huge edge when fighting from a distance. Despite the miracle of their guns, however, they have a long reload time, from which a prepared army can bridge the gap and charge into melee. At this point, the Labrynnians are not the best sword fighters in the land and tend to be bested by the more brutal medieval races. While they might not fare well in a bloody melee, one must respect and always beware of the Labrynnians' signature weapons of death.



The Eastern Sun, Labrynna's traditional emblem

Labrynnian culture is highly materialistic and expansionist, seeing the other races of Hyrule, even their Hylian cousins, as little more than cheap labor, and the natural resources of the continent to be exploited for their benefit regardless of environmental damage.


Unlike most Hyrulean cultures, the Labrynna Regime values technological development, and with its recent industrial revolution has harnessed steam-powered hydraulics and ballistic weapons. Labrynnian innovations include steam-powered motorized vehicles and locomotives, matchlock arquebus and pistols, and carbon-reinforced steel.




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Ancient Age

As Sulkaris' Gohma rampaged across Hyrule in 5000 BG, many Ancient Hylians fled south and east to escape eminent death. One such group found their way to the Sea of Storms Coast, briefly settling in a citadel before continuing on further East. These Ancient Hylians would settle the Lynna region, founding Lynna City, and eventually become the Labrynnians as they forgot their ancient heritage through generations of forged documents and histories. These southeastern cousins of Hylians would develop in relative peace and stability for thousands of years, never knowing the bloody wars of the west.

Second Golden Age

Labrynna developed as a powerful and stable Kingdom, but not one with expansionist ambitions. This would change with the death of their incumbent King and the ascension of his wife Ambi to the throne. Thrown into a severe depression, she would lead Labrynna into economic and social downturn, until the appearance of a mysterious new Chancellor. Seemingly overnight, Ambi was alive with ambition, and led the new Labrynna Regime into a new era of rapid militarization and economic and technological development. Secretly spurred by Veran's knowledge of Fairy and Twili technology, the Regime would harness hydraulic and gunpowder technology.

Manifest Destiny


  • The aesthetic of the Labrynna Regime is based on the Telmarine Empire from the C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, specifically the 2008 film based on the book. It also heavily draws from Habsburg Spain and its Tercio Conquistadores.
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