The Kokiri Forest is a major geographic feature of eastern Hyrule.


The Kokiri Forest is a large expanse of woodland dominating the central eastern region of Hyrule, occupying a roughly 22500 square mile area, bounded to the west by Hyrule Field and Lake Hylia, to the south by the Ikana Basin and Brynna Plains, to the east by the Nuun Highlands, and the north by Turango Lakes and an unnamed mountain range that separates if from the Dominion Valley.

The Kokiri Forest is composed of several smaller forests, with the western region being most commonly known as the Kokiri Forest proper, with its northern section being a particularly ancient region of forest known as the Lost Woods. The southwestern region turns into a tangle of pines and dangerous, poisonous wildlife, known as Faron Woods. To the far east, beyond the Palagard River, the woods become more tropical in nature, unofficially known as the Deep or Eastern Woods, and is dominated by tangled vegetation blighted with Mad Scrub and infested by hostile plant creatures. The southern expanse of this area is known as the Picarou Woods. The far northeastern section of the woods, approaching Holodrum, is shrouded in endless winter due to the influence of the Fairies of Tarm.

While sparsely populated, several civilization have called the Forest home or attempted to colonize its fringes throughout history. The Deku Trees, Wolfos, and Deku Scrubs have inhabited the woods since at least the Ancient Age, while both Akkalans in the form of House Rhoam and its vassals, and Ikanians in the form of Zonai colonized the western woods and Faron Woods, respectively. Zonai collapsed with the fall of Ikana in 2992 BG, while the holdings of House Rhoam were abandoned due to the outbreak of a plague and bandit raids during the Century of Decline. The ruins and lands of their former holdings would later be occupied by the Kokiri and Lizalfos during the Age of Legend. The Huskus occupied the central section of the woods around Palagard River for millenia, once ruling a vast imperium that ruled over much of the Forest. The Imperium was devastated by the first invasion of Gohma in 3000 BG, leading them to isolate themselves in their sole city of Palagard's Sanctuary for nealry four thousand years until finally being wiped out by the Gohma in 126 AG. The Forest Minish occupied their namesake Picarou Woods during the Ancient Age, until being destroyed from within by Vaati.

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