The Knight of Red Lions is an elite cavalry clad in gold-plated armor, used exclusively by King Daphnes Nohansen of the Kingdom of Hyrule.


These mounted warriors are perhaps the best tacticians and leaders in the entire Hylian army. Usually, they are deployed as lone Generals to command armies, but a line of these soldiers armed with lances can tear through enemy infantry with ease.


The Goldenclad Elite.

In the 0.1 and 0.2 versions of Hyrule Conquest, the Knight of Red Lions was called the Goldenclad Elite, and featured a blue shield instead of red. This was changed as the character of Kazzak was merged with Daphnes. Despite this change, the blue shield remains on the actual in-game unit card and the unit is referred to as Goldenclad in multiple files.

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