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Keaton Cartel

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The Keaton Cartel is a planned non-playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The Keaton Cartel is a collection of loosely organized thieves, criminals, and black market traders that steal hard to find items and resell them for a substantial profit. They are universally despised by many governments and civilized races for their criminal activity. The Cartel itself is run by several powerful and wealthy robber barons. Though the Cartel is a loose affiliation, they maintain very small armies to defend their operations should they be uncovered and attacked.

The Cartel is completely nomadic, never operating out of the same base for more than a few days. However, the Keatons have been known to approach governments and ask for sanctuary while offering a cut of their illegal profits. Should a faction accept the Keaton Cartel under their umbrella they'll have a lucrative stream of rupee income, though Black Market activity will draw criminals from all over Hyrule to their base of operation.