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Deku Scrub


Kuh-Do (Father)

Kado is an intelligent Deku Scrub Underling in service of the Deku Princess.

Physical Characteristics

Kado is a bulbous Deku Scrub underling with a dark brown bark body, small white eyes, and a prominent tuft of leaves and grass that function as an equivalent to hair.


Kado is an accomplished engineer (by Deku Scrub standards). He is the designer of the Deku Catapult and also works in many other fields such as diplomacy, though he's not an expert at anything.


Gerudo Wars

In 100 AG, following an attack by the Gohma and the Fallen Sage Sulkaris, the Great Deku Tree calls a meeting between the leaders of the people of the Kokiri Forest in an attempt to create an alliance to strike against the Gohma. Kado accompanies the Deku Princess to represent the Deku King at the meeting. When Kasuto mentions the name of Sulkaris, the Deku Princess and Kado readily accept to help the Kokiri defend the forest.

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