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c. 108 AG


Bo (father)



Ilia is the daughter of Mayor Bo and a prominent citizen of Ordona Province who becomes involved in the Return of Sulkaris and the Labrynnian invasion of Ordona.


Ilia is an Ordonian variant of the name Hylya, meaning "good mother".

Physical Characteristics

Ilia is a young light-skinned Ordonian woman with dirty blond hair and green eyes.


Second Golden Age

Ilia was born roughly around 108 AG, the privileged daughter of Mayor Bo, the most powerful man in Ordona Province. Throughout her young adult life she pursued numerous careers before deciding to become a horse breeder and trainer and developing a knack for business.

The Return of Sulkaris

Ilia is traveling on a trading mission as Rusl's assistant during the Gohma attack on Lanayru Province. Near the capital of Airu they meet with Laruto and her aide Fariel as well as Prince Ralis during the exchange Ilia chats with the young Prince and becomes smitten with him, and is shocked when he is attacked by an angry Aruroda while trying to impress her. After Laruto saves him the group cocnluded their trade and the two depart south back towards Ordona Province. Ilia expresses her admiration for Ralis, which is dismissed by Rusl.

The pair are stopped in Vigjaro when Lanayru refugees arrive at the gates with the Gohma in close pursuit. Laruto leaves Prince Ralis in their care while she helps in the city's defense. As Gohma flood the city Link emerges from the cathedral, slaughtering them in a display that leaves the panicked citizens stunned. After the Order of the Wizzrobe and Hylian garrison drive the Gohma away Ilia, Ralis and Rusl meet Link in person, expressing admiration of him, and Ilia comments that he is the handsomest man she has ever seen, leaving the smitten Zora Prince feeling rejected.

Ilia and Rusl are asked by Laruto to take Prince Ralis to safety in Ordona with them. They are later seen preparing the leave Vigjaro as Wizzrobe troops led by Lana march into the Cathedral.

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