Iguanalfos are a poison-spewing breed of Lizalfos.


The Iguanalfos is one of the more recent breeds of Lizalfos to surface in Hyrule. Believed to be the products of Lizalfos and Dinolfos mating with venomous reptiles native to Faron, the Iguanalfos can hurl a poisonous vat of venom from a fair distance at their targets. Unfortunate victims would often become fatally ill hours after being soaked by their toxic spray.


Name Description
Melee Weaponry Becomes Infantry when in melee
Arm Shield Resistant to arrow fire
Poison Ranged attack continues to damage target's morale
Nimble Footing 25% increased chance to parry melee attacks


  • Iguanalfos are heavily inspired by the design of Lizalfos from Skyward Sword, though they lack important features of them.
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