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2962 BG
Ikana, Ikana Canyons





King Igos du Ikana is the last ruler of the Kingdom of Ikana.

Physical Characteristics

King Igos du Ikana, in life, was a tall, aged Ikanian with white hair and glowing blue eyes. He wore a long, white beard. As he is absorbed into Termina, his flesh disintegrated, leaving him an animated skeleton cut by glowing yellow cracks.


Ancient Age

In 2997 BG, during the Darknut Legion's crusade against the Wind Tribe, King Rhoaban Gustaf I of Akkala asked for Ikanian aid against the Darknuts, who proved too strong for the Akkalans and their Zora allies. Igos accepted the request, and with Ikanian aid the Akkalans were able to prevent the Triforce from falling into Darknut hands, but not the destruction and exodus of the Wind Tribe.

In 2993 BG, the Druthulidi Majora chose the Kingdom of Ikana as its first target to corrupt and turn against their creators, the Golden Goddesses. In the guise of a masked man wearing a heavy black cloak, Majora convinced Igos that the renowned military officer Keeta was conspiring with the Garo against him while his daughter Gomess planned on letting Keeta remove him so she could take the Kingdom. Igos initially laughed Majora off, thinking it to be joking.

But Majora had already planted the seeds of doubt and suspicion. Everywhere Igos looked, he saw betrayal. Eventually Igos believed Majora as well, going so far as to accept Majora's offer to worship itself in lieu of the Goddesses so Majora would lend him an army of its spawn against Keeta and Gomess.

When Majora told Igos that Keeta is going to have the Garo assassinate him the next day, his paranoia caused him to send a squad of his chariots to run down civilians, causing mass panic and forcing Keeta, who might never had any plans of rebellion at all, to go out of hiding.

With the help of Majora's spawn, Igos' forces managed to crush Keeta's and Gomess', but after three days of constant fighting, the capital of Ikana was in utter ruin. Igos, devastated to see his empire falling apart before his very eyes, cursed the Goddesses for betraying him and his loyalty. At this point Majora absorbed the entire Kingdom of Ikana into the twisted parallel realm of Termina, but the Ikanians and everyone else on Hyrule never know about this, mistakenly believing that the Goddesses punished Ikana for apostasy.


In Termina, the Ikanians are cursed to relive their three-day civil war for all eternity, even after their bodies have long since decayed and skeletonised.